Brysin Scott is the new TCW TV Champion. Now some of you may say where has he been or where did he come from? Most TCW fans have not seen Brysin Scott since his TCW debut back at soccerzone before Wrestle Warz 4. Now after being away from TCW almost 2 years, Brysin Scott makes his return in a 4 way elimination match against Anubis, Synister Sammy and Mr. B for the vacant TCW TV Championship. In the end it came down to Brysin Scott and Mr. B, and right after Mr. B hit his Windy City Drop on Synister Sammy to eliminate him, Brysin Scott then comes off the top rope with double knees to hit Mr. B and get the pin for the win, and to become the New TCW TV Champion. The TCW TV Championship has been held by guys like Bolt Brady and Jaykus Plisken. When asked Brysin about the win he said, "I knew I could do it, and no one in that match was going to stop me. What makes it even sweeter was that I pinned Mr. B for the win. So now get ready ladies and gentleman Brysin Scott is coming to a TV or PC screen near you!"
Well, TCW fans, if you miss this show and have not seen Brysin Scott work, you will alot more now that he is the TCW TV Champion.