Mr. B recently made a video about TCW and the future of it. Who would be staying and who might be leaving, new shirts to show that you work for TCW. So I figured I would follow up with him on a new Pinned Down, a second part called Kicked Out. Let us see what Mr. B has to say before the BIG Gold Rush tournament happening this Saturday.

A brief summary of what has happened since we last talked. Places you have travelled, belts you have won did you meet your goals over the last year? Where have you expanded out to wrestle at since we last spoke?

 Well since last time I did one of these, I'm now the Heavyweight champion at 3 different companies and the RCW Phoenix champion. I work for a company in Louisiana and still traveling to Memphis, Tn. TCW is back up and running in Killeen, Tx. and got some good up and coming talent! 

1. With TNA and WWE paying more attention to the Indy's then ever, how do you feel this has changed things? I think it just open peoples eyes to know that one day you can go to a indy show and see someone and the next they can be walking down that NXT ramp. I hope makes more guys hungry to get professional gear and workout and take their craft more serious! 

2. What was the worst charecter or gimmick you have had to do so far? Why? A gimmick called, "Black Dollia" I did for a Lucha Libra company.

3. With so many ways for fans to interact with wrestlers, and wrestlers to be able to promote themselves(Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,Filsinger games) Do you feel wrestlers use it correctly or enough as they should? I think some do and I think some don't use it enough. I think facebook has mess things up by making workers use their real names. It put's some talent a risk and hard for some workers to get over as a heel because fans feel they your friend, so if you say something mean they get all butt hurt. It also puts some workers family and friends in danger! Do you feel any one wrestler has perfected it? Umm, Barbi Hayden has the working the working social media thing down to a T!

4. What do you consider the lamest move in wrestling? What about the best? I'm going to piss some fans off but oh well, I think one of the lamest moves in wrestling today is Joey Ryan dick flip, stupid! The best would be Kyle Hawks flipping DDT!

5. Greatest Feud in Wrestling History? Von Erics and Freebirds

6. Who do you enjoy watching the most on the Indy circuit? Keith Lee, Jojo Bravo, Steve-O, Jason Silver, Masada, Kyle Hawk and Mr.B(LOL)

7. If you could make a Tag Team with anyone currently wrestling in the Indy's who would it be and what would you call the team? I have a few, Keith Lee(Planet B), Kyle Hawk(Finest Reservation), Erik Shadows(Team Windy City), Tony Strong(Rated R)

8. What states do you feel are the hottest right now for Indy wrestlers? Texas, Cali, Florida, Memphis.

9. Which states should wrestlers avoid? I don't know

10. What makes a good to great promoter in your opinion? putting on good shows and being able to make show good to great with out having to bring in big names every show. Takes care of the local talent and not afraid to make those big names put over the local talent!

11. Best Tag Team or Faction Ever?Road Warriors and DX

12. How often do real life issues spill over into the ring and vise versa? If you really dislike someone do you refuse to work with them or do you channel the dislike or hate into beating them in the ring? Real life issues spill in the ring sometimes but you got to be a professional and try to keep your personal life out the ring and just do your job!

13. Other then Super Strength what one super power do you feel would be most useful in the ring? Mind control

14. Best Wrestling movie or movie about wrestling? The Wrestler

15. Who do you feel you have had the greatest fued with? Darkstar Jr.(QFC), Kyle Hawk(RCW), Celo(RSWF)

16. What is the hardest part of running TCW? Getting sponsors and working and running the back at the same time! 

17. What is the hardest thing about both running and being a wrestler for a company?because ether you have to get dress before you get to the venue or during intermission and still make sure everything is running right!

18. What do you feel is your greatest moment in the ring so far? When I won my first ACW championship, and me and my son tagging and winning for the first time ever!

19. Who have you NOT faced yet that you would love to get in the ring with the most right now? Terrale Tempo, Sammy Guevara, Steve O, Scott Summers, Homicide, Jay Lethal 

20. You took a break from Inspire Pro wrestling, when will you be returning? That's a great question. I was told there is no demand for me by the crowd there, so ask the Inspire pro management why I'm not back or why they have not brought me back! #POLITICS

Lighting Round

Books or Movies? Movies

Vampires or Werewolfs? Vampires

Beard or Clean Shaven? Clean

Facebook or Twitter? facebook

Marvel or DC? Marvel

Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Team Iron Man #CIVILWAR

Who do you feel HANDS DOWN is the toughest SOB in the wrestling world today?Masada