I saw Rique Jackson for the first time at TCW Gold Rush where he was part of the tournament and made his impact known against Terrale Tempo but costing Tempo his match and calling him out at Wrestle Warz 6.

Recently I had a chance to ask Rique some questions, most of you know the Pinned Down series so I don't have to cover that part much, I ask a series of questions which the wrestler answers or declines to answer. Let us take a look at what Rique had to say.

  • On top of these questions I would love to have you tell us a little about how you got started, what keep you going? your first big wins and losses and whatever else your willing or wanting to share. Something about your history, I don't know everything about all the wrestlers I am getting to agree to this and the more info I have to work with the better.

    I am his greatest opponent!
    Wrestling Questions:

    1. What was the toughest thing to give up or sacrifice to be part of the wrestling world?

    RJ: The usual, the time you get to spend with your family and friends, because wrestling takes up most of that time. 

    2. Do you think its harder or just equally as hard to get to the big leagues of wrestling as it is say Basketball or Football?

    RJ: I think it's harder, because you can't just be a good wrestler, you need to have charisma. 

    3. Do you feel that wrestling has more premature or just a surprising number of earlier then expected deaths compared to other sports and does this influence you in any way?

    RJ: I decline to answer this question. 

    4. If you had the power to make any gimmick work, no matter how weird or normal it may be, what would you do?

    RJ: Nothing really comes to mind. 

    5. If you could change anything about the indy wrestling industry what would it be? What about TNA/WWE?

    RJ: The one thing I always hoped for was that WWE would give guys that were well known on the indies a chance, guys like Joe, Aries & Styles and that's what's happening. 

    6. Do you handle crowds differently depending on size?

    RJ: No, I treat them all the same 

    7. How do you handle going from say going from a no rules wrestling show to a family first show. Do you change alot about how you handle things and what you say or do you just try and act the same no matter what the show?

    RJ: Nothing really changes, they get offended either way. 

    8. Was there every a moment when you truly felt you had had enough, that maybe wrestling wasn't for you? Was it a crowd? Just one guy/gal? A losing streak? Too many broken bones? If so what kept you going?

    RJ: Yes, I took about three years away from the business just to get my stuff together, what brought me back was seeing guys like Bryan Danielson & CM Punk succeeding in the WWE. 


    9. Say you were picked up by TNA or WWE and given a over the top gimmick? How would you play it, go through the motions and hope it fails so you can move on to something better or really try to sell and play up the gimmick?

    RJ: Try to sell it, and play up the gimmick. 

    10. What promotions do you feel are breaking down the walls separating Men Wrestling from Women Wrestling and just making it all Wrestling? How do you feel they are doing that? Do you feel it is a good thing?

    RJ: WWE, that's the only one that really comes to mind, and the way they're doing that is by giving them all equal time to tell their stories 

    11. So at the recent TCW Gold Rush show you targeted Terrale Tempo, why him and why then?

    RJ: Because Tempo was getting the biggest reactions out of MY HOMETOWN, and I saw where he was headed and I couldn't allow him to go any further. 

    12. Who are your wrestling Idols?

    RJ: I would say Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero. 

    13. Goals for 2016/2017?

    RJ: To win championships and wrestle worldwide. 


    14. Who would you consider your biggest rival to date?
    RJ:El Fantastico. 

    15. Other then Tempo who have you not been in the ring with your most looking forward to facing?

    RJ: Just Willie, or whoever is holding the TCW Championship. 

    16. What Promotions have you not wrestled for yet that you hope to make a debut at soon?

    RJ: Too many to name.
    17. Which wrestler is your favorite to watch?

    RJ: Me
    18.If you could form a Tag Team with any Indy wrestler who would it be and what would you name it?

    RJ: No one, because I like being alone.
    19. What has been your favorite match you have wrestled so far? 

    RJ:I would have to say, the first match I had with Fantastico back in September. 

    Bonus Questions:


    Does your finisher have a name? 
    RJ: I'm still kicking around some ideas, but Kunta's revenge comes to mind for a running knee strike.
    Chocolate or Vanilla?

    RJ: Vanilla.
    Submission or High Flying?

    RJ: Submission 

    Cats or Dogs?

    RJ: Dogs 

    Beer or Liquor?

    RJ: Neither, only a fool would indulge in such ridiculous activity. 

    Light Side or Dark Side?

    RJ: Dark Side. 

    Favorite Opponent EVER?

    RJ:  I much as I hate to give him credit, Fantastico he brings the best out of me.

    Rique is a man of few words and I can understand that, Most wrestlers let what they do in the ring speak for them, with some exceptions such as Marcus Rose and Evan G.  He has much respect for El Fantastico but has targeted Terrale Tempo. What does the future hold for this up and comer? I am not sure but keep an eye out for him, he has goals and clear set things he wants done and that is good news unless your his target....