The Front office of TCW just release the news today that it will be starting a new division in TCW. This division will will be be called the, Pure Wrestling Division(PWD). This Division will be in two groups, Heavyweights and Light Heavyweights. There is No Punching, No Kicks, Just straight up pure wrestling. You can Win by pin-fall, or submission. It's win, lose or draw! No judges on the outside giving points! The PWD is going to be just that pure wrestling at its best.

PWD Breakdown:

  • 3 Four minute rounds
  • 1 minute breaks in between rounds
  • Win by Pin-Fall or Submission
  • Any punches or kicks and you lose automatically
  • If at the end of the 3rd round there is no winner, the match will be called a DRAW
  • There are 2 Divisions, Heavyweight and Light Heavyweight
  • Weights will be check the day of the show

If you are interested in being apart of this division please contact us by email!

TCW once again, stepping up the game!