On Saturday 3/26/2016 I went to my first TCW(Total Championship Wrestling).  It was a tournament to crown a Gold Rush winner, Trophy, and all. Also you walk out with the TCW TV Championship.

This was going to be a clash of the best in TCW and beyond. They were all fighting for the same goal and prizes including the TV Title which was around the waist of Kyle Hawk. Speaking of the champ, he came out and spoke first, and the crowd was speaking back, he was not well liked. He talked about how he was added and told to be here for the tournament but he didn't have to like it and that when he wins it all he will head to Disneyland where they love him.

But before all that the Tournament had some crazy things happen, when you have the best going at it things get shaken up now and then. Kyle Hawk and Marcus Rose were added to the Gold Rush after it was posted, Then Tony Strong got injured and a replacement had to be found, after a day or two we got "Dirty" Andy Dalton.

After Kyle Hawk riled up the crowd we got our first match, the opening of the first round. As the event progressed changes were made on the fly as others couldn't make it or had to back out for REASONS! Mikey 13, Johnny Swole, and even the Newest add on, Andy Dalton all didn't make it for one reason or another.
Arrows or Bullets? You Decide

Brysin Scott w/Simply Luscious vs Terrale Tempo: Brysin Scott was cocky and telling the crowd who to cheer for and Simply Luscious kept trying but every time she did the crowd cheered for Terrale instead. Brysin even attepts to leave when the crowd keeps cheering for Tempo but Luscious gets him back in the ring.

Tempo used his strength to his advantage and kept Brysin off guard 
This is what pain feels like
but soon enough Brysin got tricky and used some underhanded tatics to get the upper hand, even if it was brief. He started using hit and run moves to wear down Tempo but then Luscious tried to help by hitting Tempo with a dirty baby diaper, but Tempo dodged and Brysin got the face full allowing Tempo to put him in a submission hold that he tapped out to quickly. WINNER: Terrale Tempo.

Two of the newest members clashed next in the tournament, as Rique Jackson meets El Fantastico in the second match of the Gold Rush.

Rique Jackson vs El Fantastico: This was a fun match, I had never seen either of these men before and they did a solid job. El Fantastico was quite good for a newcomer. Right after the match got started, Rique backed up and claimed his nipples were pinched but the referee said he saw nothing. As El F dressed as a Luchador with the mask and pants I figured he was a high flyer but he kept it all grounded.

He kept it to mat moves and basic submission holds to wear down Rique and keep him down. Rique has power and speed but swings wildly and tries to take off the head of El F but with no focus or the ability to slow down and try to re gain control of the match. El F kept him off he feet and had control the whole time. By the time Rique started using more holds it was tool late, after a lionsault and a near pin, El F followed up with a second pin and won. WINNER: El Fantastico

After this we got the first wrestler that was not on the flyer who stepped up and took a spot that someone else gave up or didn't want.  The one and only Jason Silver!

Jason Silver vs Jack Jameson: 
This match started out slow but when it kicked up it went all the way to 11. They started out insulting each other and testing each other out but after Jameson caused Silver to fall to the outside hard they went at each other without holding back.  Very few holds or wrestling moves but a ton of hard punches and kicks, they kept just attacking each other over and over.

After a series of kicks and punches, Jameson was down but Silver went for a high flying move off the turnbuckle but missed. It looked like Jameson would get the win but Silver, like normal, absorbed the pain and got up ready to battle but Jameson knocked him back down and got the pin. WINNER: Jack Jameson

The final match of the first round involves two wrestlers who were not listed in the tournament but it will end round one.

Rey Ortiz vs Just Willie: Both men came out to win, even if they were not involved in the Gold Rush to start with. I have not seen Just Willie in years, I used to watch him back in ACW but he left for awhile to pursue Football. Just Willie moves quickly, even more of a surprise given his size. Rey went brutal for awhile and at one point Willie was pinned but his shoulder came up right at the three count, meaning the match continues. Willie fights back but a brutal spear by Rey almost ends the match. Somehow Willie manages to bomb Rey and get the pin. WINNER: Just Willie

The 2nd round of matches starts now opening with the TV Champ at the time, Kyle Hawk.

TCW TV Title: Kyle Hawk(c) vs El Fantastico: In a weird move, the champ comes out first. Hawk holds out his hand for El F to shake, the fans chant for him to not do so but he finally does and Hawk kicks him in the gut. But El F grabbed him and flipped him and got a very quick pin making him the NEW TCW TV CHAMP. Kyle Hawk is shocked but El F got out quickly. WINNER: El Fantastico(New TV Champ)
Soon to be former TV Champ

The next match introduces us to the man who claims to be better then ACH, Marcus Rose. 

Terrale Tempo vs "Smooth Criminal" Marcus Rose: Marcus Rose spent the first 10 minutes of so of this match trash talking. While Tempo was in the ring, Marcus walked around the outside, called the referee, Richard Pryor and told him to shut it. Told others they are raising their kids wrong but when he finally got to close to the ring and Tempo pulled him up and then Marcus hit him with the mic.

Tempo regained his focus and caught Rose as he hit a high flying move and slammed him hard going for the pin. WINNER: Terrale Tempo

In the crowd were a few wrestlers and retired guys. Solid Gold Gregory Symonds was super impressed by Terrale Tempo and this lead into Intermission.

During the intermission we got some updates, the next show is April 23rd, WrestleWarz 6 which will have Brysin Scott and Simply Luscious will be there. As will the TCW Heavyweight Champion Mr. B will also be there, Tickets will go on sale on Monday 3/28/2016 and it will have a 50/50 raffle.

Right after intermission Taylor and Tyler Jet, the AoA came to the ring and said they called out the TCW Tag Team champs, The Lost Souls who had not been around in quite some time. This brought out the returning Paco Escobar who was a well known manager in TCW before he took a break. He said he had some new clients who AoA should face first...who are they you ask? THE LOST SOULS.  This match will happen at Wrestle Warz 6 for the Tag Team Titles.

TCW TV Title match: El Fantastico vs Jack Jameson:  

Both men started out slowly, feeling each other out and testing their limits and skills. As neither man has faced the other they didn'tfully know what to expect, Jameson even making a wrestling math joke. Soon enough they opened up and went at it full force, but in this case Jack Jameson got the pin on El F and won the TV title. WINNER: Jack Jameson

Terrale Tempo vs Just Willie: Willie came out still holding his side and ribs from the spear he took from Rey Ortiz. But even hurt, Willie is now thewily vet and uses that against Tempo. Willie gets him down and in holds, rolling and turning with him to keep him down and in submission holds.

Tempo tries everything, but Willie is ready for almost all of it, Tempo tries to wrap his leg around Willie's head but Willie grabs it and leans back to put Tempo in a pin. Tempo is impressed but soon he manages to power out and put Willie in a submission move, but just when it looks like Willie may have passed out, Rique comes out and attacks Willie, causing Tempo to be DQed and Willie gets the win. WINNERS: Just Willie

Rique says he wants Tempo and this is how is is going to get him. Hewants a match with him at Wrestle Warz 6. Terrale helps Willie up and shakes his hand, saying he doesn't blame him for Rique crap and now just wants Willie to go forth and win it all.

Just Willie vs Jack Jameson(c): FINAL MATCH: TCW TV TITLE: 

 Both men are tired and beat up by this point, They pull off some impressive high flying moves and hit each other with everything they had left, At one point Willie flew outside the ring and only half hit Jameson, busting his nose on the concrete outside the ring. When they get back in to the ring, Jack gets Willie into a submission hold and pulls hard, 

Willie even screams but thenrolls the whole thing over and gets Jack's shoulders down even as I think he passes out. Willie, not Jack but he gets the three count. WINNER: Just Willie

Just Willie wins the Gold Rush Trophy, the tournament, and the TCW TV Title but as soon as Willie picks himself up, Kyle Hawk runs out and RKO's him knocking him out and taking both the trophy and the TV Title and running off with it. He claims that since he has the items, he is the winner.

Come back April 23rd, 2016 and join us for Wrestle Warz 6, some updates and surprises about that coming soon!