At Hardcore Halloween 7 three things happen that night that rocked the TCW fan nation and the TCW locker room! First, Jason Silver climbs onto the top of the basketball goal backboard and jumps off onto a empty table that Bad Boyz member Chavez had roll off from, that he would end up hitting the back his head on and missing the table, to crash to the ring mat! Second, Johnny Axxle became the TCW Heavyweight Champion(with the help of Mr.B). Third, Mr.B turn his back on Mikey 13 and help Johnny Axxle win his first TCW Heavyweight Championship and the joined with Badd Blood and Johnny Axxle to form the group called, "The Elite"!

This move rocked the TCW world as well as the AIWF. With this move and this group forming they have already got alot of support and followers who support this group and what they stand for! The Elite say's they will put indy wrestling on the map and end this politics BS that a lot of these companies are using!