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Naughty or Nice show (12-12-15)

Show opens with the current TCW Heavyweight Champion Mr.B talking about his match against Candy Man and Tony Strong, but then out comes Johnny Axxle and says Mr.B is not the true heavyweight champion and then deserves his rematch. Mr.B then put Johnny Axxle in the #1 contenders match for the TCW heavyweight championship versus Killah Kash and Johnny Swole.

#1 Contender TCW TV Title Elimination Match

Donnie Giovanni vs Kody Krash vs Richard Reason vs Jay Williams vs Ruthless Lala

Winner and #1 Contender Donnie Giovanni (Kyle Hawk jump Donnie Giovanni after the match)

Jason Silver def. Zach Taylor by pin fall

TCW Tag Team Championship Match

Lost Soulz w/Diamantina (c) def. Show Money

TCW Heavyweight #1 Contender 3 way Match

Killah Kash vs Johnny Swole vs Johnny Axxle

Winner and #1 Contender Killah Kash

TCW Television Championship Match

Kyle Hawk(c) def. Bolt Brady by DQ due to outside interference by Donnie Giovanni

JULY 25, 2015

TCW TV Championship 

Brysin Scott vs (c)Kyle Hawk 

winner: via pinfall Kyle Hawk

Allie Kat & Comrade Silovic vs Donnie Giovanni & Laynie Luck

winners: via pinfall Laynie luck and Donnie Giovanni

Quentin Lynch vs Ka$h Money 

winner: via pinfall Ka$h Money

Vacant TCW Tag Team Championship 

Lost Souls (Muerte & Sky De Lacrimosa) vs Richard Reason & Kody Crash 

winners: via pinfall (c) Lost Souls

Tony Strong vs Total Pimp 

winner: via Pinfall Tony Strong

 TCW Heavyweight Championship 

(c)"Chi-Towns Finest" Mr. B vs "Dirty" Andy Dalton 

winner: via DQ Mr. B

Main Event

Ruthless Lala vs Awesome Kong

Winner: via pinfall Awesome Kong

APRIL 26, 2014

Simply Luscious def. TCW Woman's Champion Zane Xena in a Non-Title Match

The Corner(Total Pimp & Ruthless Lala) def. The Bad Boyz to advance in the mini TCW Tag Team Tournament

Mikey 13 def. Virus

Ray Ortiz def. Virus

Mr.B & Virus def Mikey 13 & Ray Ortiz

Mr. ATL def. Comandante Marcos in Lucha action

Kyle Hawk def. Jeff Gant to win New TCW Television Championship after Brysin Scott No Showed

TCW Heavyweight Champion Johnny Axxle def. Darin Childs in No DQ Match

Sammy Guevara def. Seph Anunnaki to become the New TCW Crusierweight Champion

May 24, 2014

Kash Money def. Total Pimp

Mikey 13 was pinned by Kenny Steele, who was pinned by Dylan Dunbar, who was pinned by Kyle Hawk to remain TCW TV Champion.

*Brysin Scott came out and attacked Kyle Hawk and made a challenged to him for a winner take all Ladder Match at Independence Brawl 7

American Eagle def The Holes in a Handicap 2 on 1 match

Nemises was def by Brysin Scott to remain the self proclaimed real TCW TV Champion

Simply Luscious def Ruthless Lala in a NO DQ match for the #1 contender ship for the woman's championship

* Ruthless was then attacked by someone named the Angle of Wrath

Donny Brookes def Tadasuke in the main event